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Desk Phones & PC Partner Software

Desk phones continue to be important business tools. The type of phone required is heavily dependent upon the users’ role and where appropriate, consideration of the customer facing elements. Whether it’s a simple corridor phone located in staff areas, a mid-range business phone offering integrated Bluetooth headset operation for staff comfort and performance, or high-end colour screen phones with on-screen business branding, Law- Call has it all. The range of ‘business media’ desk phones also allow staff to connect their business GSM mobile to their desk phone via Bluetooth.

Customer’s entering areas such as the sales floor are then more accepting of sales staff speaking on a desk phone opposed to a GSM mobile device.

Complementing the desk phone, the Law-Call PC based Partner software, Navigate Pro, offers the User telephony features via their PC screen that control the desk phone. As well as providing core telephony features on screen features such as Contact look up becomes easier using a QWERTY keypad. Adding to this the ability to sync your Outlook Contacts and integrate with Skype For Business, allows Users to work in a manner that best suits them.

Utilising the benefits of Skype For Business such as a holding a Video call with contacts outside of your organisation can save time and money whilst retaining the face to face personal communication. The Navigate Pro Skype integration allows the Skype Video presence to control your desk phone e.g. placing the desk phone on DND for the duration of the video call. Alternately staff may prefer to utilise the presence interface offered by Skype to show Users Skype and Law-Call phone status i.e. in call, out of office, DND, to deliver a truly unified view.