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On Premise or Cloud Deployment

Most telephony solutions are either Cloud/Hosted, or on premise only. Law-Call can be either, or a hybrid which delivers the benefits of both. Why’s this important? Subject to the size of Law Firm the desire for Business Continuity, health and safety and ongoing charges vary greatly. Smaller firms may prefer a single infrastructure approach however delivering a cloud/hosted only solution for large, complex sites places significant responsibility on the Business Continuity aspect of the underlying network. Mixing Law-Call’s ability to run on virtualised or dedicated servers on premise, complementing both the network infrastructure and the Cloud, or utilising the Cloud to back up an on-premise solution ensures a balanced solution.
Expanding this philosophy across multiple sites or supporting remote Users allows Law-Call to deliver a single voice solution, allowing staff to roam across sites, or work seamlessly remotely. Management is made easy through the use of a single administration interface, alongside a unified reporting and call recording solution, delivered through a high availability configuration..